How It Works

Ready Fit Meals works on many different levels and in many different ways. We help you save valuable time in today's hectic world. We help you achieve your weight management or fitness goals. We educate you about healthy food and fitness. We help boost your energy like never before. And we help build your overall fitness and confidence through customized meal planning. When you come to Ready Fit Meals our friendly staff always greets you with a smile, while also striving to be truly helpful. Whether you simply want to eat healthier on occasion or are interested in our ReadyFit Transformation program, we provide you with the tools you need to achieve and maintain your goals. Stop by anytime and let our knowledgeable staff explain all the details about how Ready Fit Meals can help improve your fitness.

Transform yourself

If you’re ready to get fit and live a healthier life, we’re here to help you through our ReadyFit Transformation. This meal planning and fitness education program provides you with all the tools you’ll need to save time, manage your weight, and achieve your fitness and goals.

Health for all

Ready Fit Meals not only taste fantastic, they also deliver maximum nutrition. Regardless of your fitness goals, body type or food preferences, our Chefs have created many meal options to satisfy your appetite.

Great Locations

Ready Fit Meals Flagship Store is conveniently located at 317 Heymann Boulevard – right in the heart of the Oil Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. We’re opening new locations and drop-off locations – so come visit us soon!!

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